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ok first of all i wanna thank u all for following this blog. i’ll just get straight to the point: this blog is a secondary blog, which means its connected to another main blog(for anyone who doesnt know). guys i dont think i can manage this blog anymore, as i’ve been going through a mental breakdown and i cant concentrate on anything. if u dont believe me u can ask for my main blog but in private, send me a message or something. i’ve been recovering and that blog triggers me to self harm. it makes me depressed too. however, IF ANYONE IS WILLING TO TAKE CONTROL OF THIS BLOG, message me, cause i dont wanna eliminate the blog as it has helped a lot of people. I hope u understand and thanks so much for ur support and following. i love you all

guys, im sorry for not being active for a long time. i was very busy with school stuff i hope u understand. in this week I’ll try to answer all the questions.

Isn't it more accurate to say that demis and gray A's are part of the *sexuality* scale? There is no asexuality scale, because asexuality is the *zero point* on the sexuality scale. from Anonymous

well if the sexuality scale is not only about straight people, then I dont think the asexuality scale is just asexuals. Just my opinion though, cause Im not sure about this exact information, its pretty confusing but I do classify demisexuals and grey-a’s as ‘other type’ of asexual.

How do you feel about the hostility on the asexual "scale" and excluding demisexuals and gray A's? This personally turned me off a little from the whole asexual community thing because I am trying to find myself, but am just at a point of confusion that I can't really discuss with friends/family. I don't know, I think we should all stick together instead of tearing each other down you know? I just want to know how you feel about it. from Anonymous

it really pisses me off when people exclude demisexuals and gray a’s from the asexual scale. I dont understand why they do that, demisexuals and grey-a’s ARE part of the asexual scale, no matter what they think. 

Hi! I'm that anon who recently asked on the subject of romantic orientation. Now that you're more active, I thought I should just extend my thanks - I feel a bit more comfortable with where I am for the moment. So yeah, thanks again! from Anonymous

you’re welcome and I’m glad I helped :) if you have any more questions, I’ll always try to help :)

(a bit personal, fair warning) I fantasize about sex and masturbate often. However, when it comes time in a relationship to actually have sex, I just can't. I don't feel compelled by it at all. Is this asexuality, or some other relevant circumstance? Thanks in advance for any input. from Anonymous

some asexuals fantasize about sex and masturbate so it could probably be that you’re asexual, unless you’re just not ready for sex.

So If you can love boys and girls, can you also be asexual ? Because I can love both, but I don't really think that I want to have sex. I never feeled something like that so ... Yeah. Can it or not ? from Anonymous

of course yes. Its called biromantic asexual.

Thanks so much. It really helps to get a second opinion. You're a massive help <3 from Anonymous

you’re welcome :) Im glad I helped.